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ABL manufactures heavy duty washers, flat metal/steel washers, wear plates, sprocket blanks, gear blanks and discs. We take pride in our product quality and prompt service. Below are additional products we produce and services we provide:

Many customers require only a coined blank or a ring without a beveled edge. ABL can provide sprocket blanks with or without a coined edge. These blanks can be cut to size with minimal material waste to decrease the wear and tear on cutting tools. If you require a disc without a punched bore, ABL can produce it for you at a competitive price.

Looking for a large washer or ring? We can make it for you. We produce larger, industrial-sized flat washers, typically used in construction or larger applications. Our washers range in thickness from .100" to .750". Outer diameter sizes run from 2" - 16".  We also produce washers for A325 bolts per ASTM F436 size, material and heat treat specifications.  Additonally, ABL offers metric sizes.

Our stamping plant and our machine shop produce wear plates for various uses, including industrial pumps. These machined parts are a compliment to our industrial washers.

ABL can provide rings with hexagon-shaped holes, square holes, “D” shaped holes or round holes. We can also provide notched parts. Additionally, our in-house machine shop provides us the ability to perform secondary services on our products. Custom machining is available. Heat treated sprockets and other hardening processes are also available. Send us your prints and we will quote you a competitive rate.

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Low Carbon Steel
  • AR 400
  • 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lexan

Boring - Drilling - Turning - Milling
Grooving - Countersinking
Reaming - Facing - Trepanning

Heat Treating (Induction Hardening and Carburizing) - Painting - Grinding

Long and short runs welcome. Customer compound sets and materials accepted. Please call about any special needs not listed.

We were selected to participate in John Deere's Achieving Excellence program, at its highest level, that of Partner. We repeatedly achieved its Outstanding Supplier Performance award, which is given to those suppliers who can offer the best prices, cost savings measures, quality and on time delivery.

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