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Roller chain sprocket manufacturer for the conveyor, agricultural and power transmission industries – Hardened tooth or heat treated sprockets, stainless steel sprockets, rack tooth sprockets, skip tooth sprockets, double duty sprockets and thinner than standard sprockets

ABL Products is your one stop shop for sprockets. We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and offer OEM pricing for A-plate sprockets. ABL blanks, punches, coins and machines its sprockets made to order (MTO). We offer the lowest cost MTO A-plate sprockets in the US.

We can also provide you with a variety of hubbed or B sprockets. Whether single, double, taper bushed or quick detachable, we have the ability to provide you with the products your company needs. We specialize in conveyor sprockets and sprockets used in agricultural equipment.

In addition to regular sprockets, we can offer thinner than standard sprockets, rack tooth sprockets, double pitched sprockets, skip tooth sprockets and double duty sprockets. We will put a high tooth profile on your thinner than standard sprockets if requested. Many of our competitors do not.

We keep our prices low by offering a large variety of non-standard bore sizes. You save time and money because you won’t have to re-bore stock sizes.

We offer a range of materials at competitive prices. High or low carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, lexan, inconel, monel, brass or AR 400, we find the best prices on material and pass the savings on to you. We also accept customer-provided material.

We will produce your product quickly. When you cannot wait six to 12 weeks for parts, call us. In most cases we will produce and ship parts for you in days or a couple of weeks, not two to three months. When you need a quality part quickly, ABL is your source.

ABL offers many other services, such as heat treating, grinding, boring, drilling, turning, milling, grooving, countersinking, facing, trepanning and reaming.

Our Midwest location means significant savings on shipping for larger sprockets, blanks or discs. If you do not have a shipping contract with a specific carrier, call us and we will provide you with cost effective freight. We have established discounts with several major carriers.

We accept and encourage customer-provided prints. Just send us your pdf file and we will produce your sprocket to print.

Most of our customers’ sprockets come in standard bore and chain sizes. When you need a different bore or thinner than standard chain size, give us a call. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a larger variety of what we call “standard bore sizes.” In most cases, our extensive tooling collection gives us the flexibility to punch your part right to size.

Standard sizing for 25 chain sprockets, 35 chain sprockets, 40 chain sprockets, 50 chain sprockets, 60 chain sprockets, 80 chain sprockets and 100 chain sprockets can be found below and by clicking on the links provided. These charts provide dimensions of sprocket sizes within each chain size.





























Various sprocket sizes can be found on our standard sprocket tables. These charts provide dimensions of sprocket sizes within each chain size.

MTO Sprockets


100 Chain Sprocket Diameters
1-1/4 - Inch Pitch - 3/4-Inch Diameter of Roller

80 Chain Sprocket Diameters
1 Inch Pitch - 5/8 Inch Diameter Roller

60 Chain Sprocket Diameters
3/4 Inch Pitch - 15/32 Inch Diameter Roller

50 Chain Sprocket Diameters
5/8 Inch Pitch - .400 Inch Diameter Roller

40 Chain Sprocket Diameters
1/2 - Inch Pitch - .312 Inch Diameter Roller

35 Chain Sprocket Diameters
3/8 Inch Pitch - .200-Inch Diameter Roller

25 Chain Sprocket Diameters
1/4 Inch Pitch - .130-Inch Diameter Roller

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